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BIM and real-time rendering

Enscape is a real-time rendering and virtual reality plugin that integrates into building modeling software, providing a unified visualization and design workflow across all project phases. It is compatible with BIM tools Revit, Archicad, and Vectorworks, and CAD tools SketchUp and Rhino.

Key advantages of BIM and Enscape

Easier collaboration

Using Enscape for a clearer overview of the building than is possible through the BIM interface can help with better time and resource allocation. This enables design teams and project stakeholders to work more efficiently and effectively together.

Enhanced project workflow

What do Enscape and Building Information Modeling mean in architecture? It means getting a more accurate overview of the finished product by being able to explore your design model in an immersive environment. This can also result in faster decision-making, easier collaboration, and an overall improved process.

Informed decision making

Where BIM is used, Enscape provides a way to bring visual legibility to the model. Using Enscape to view a BIM model enables designers to better understand the building, providing critical data to make better design decisions faster.

BIM info

BIM mode places all the information you need right at your fingertips. Just click on any single or grouped elements in the Enscape window to immediately display all available BIM data. Or, search for an element in our BIM mode menu and instantly see one or all instances of the object highlighted in the Enscape window.

BIM and the project lifecycle

Building information modeling is the process of creating and managing digital representations of buildings and other built assets. Commonly used in AEC projects, the digital built assets contain data generated by multiple disciplines that is useful for decision making throughout various phases of the project lifecycle such as planning, designing, and construction.

BIM management

A BIM Manager is the steward of a firm’s BIM workflow. An essential part of the team, they implement BIM standards, which Enscape is compatible with, workflows, and processes. As key decision-makers on what applications a firm uses, ensuring 3D models run smoothly, the team is well equipped, and they conform to the requirements in the project contract and BIM execution plan are also top priorities.

Reduce project completion time

Visualizing your 3D BIM model with Enscape enables you to experience your building before it’s built. It provides easy selection and inspection of your BIM data, including realistic depictions of materials and textures selections. The visual representation of your building can be used to clearly communicate your design intent, through true multi-disciplinary collaboration.


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